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Security Guard Services  in Orange CA

Eagle One Security is a very active and dedicated security company led by extremely able, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals. We provide highly trained security guards and patrol officers that guarantee outstanding security, top performance, as well as an ability to take all necessary and appropriate measures to keep criminals as far away from you as possible.

Our experienced officers take pride in getting involved and making a sincere commitment to their assignments of keeping people safe throughout orange. We provide armed and unarmed security guards with several years of experience in securing real estate properties, manufacturing plants, construction sites, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and educational facilities. We also offer event security, retail security, and secure transportation.

Eagle One Security provides business owners, managers, event promoters, employees, customers, homeowners, and families with a range of excellent solutions that guarantee increased security. We continually develop proactive and comprehensive lifelong learning strategies, effective training methods, policies and modern security systems that put us at the forefront of change in the security industry.

For us, this isn’t just a pedigree that stretches back several years, but also a vision designed to address customer’s specific security needs in a world that is increasingly becoming a frightening place. Our proactive solutions are intended to ensure that, on a continuous basis, risks and dangers, especially those that could pose a threat to our clients’ business or family interests, are identified in good time, and that countermeasures are taken.

With our extensive product and service portfolio in the field of security, we provide individuals and businesses with solutions that enable them to take advantage of the best possible protection and focus fully on their core business, undistracted by safety concerns.

Consequently, we address the security problems facing business owners, businesses, and individuals such as attempted theft, break-ins, violent attacks, terrorist activities, large crowds and demonstrations, trespassing. Others include VIP and individual protection, fire prevention and detection, among others.

Our security officers are highly trained and equipped to provide 24/7 security and monitoring at/on:



Automotive dealership

Movie set

Election ground

Commercial and private property

Healthcare facilities and hospitals

Gated communities

Apartment complexes

Manufacturing plants

Banks and financial institutions

Fine jewelry stores

Energy production facilities

Bars and restaurants

Educational institutions


Construction sites


No matter what your security requirements are, we are always on hand to ensure that you have the best possible security guards to work with.


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